Fatma 75

Notes on Fatma 75 by Tharwa Boulifi

20 July 2020

Girls of my generation grew up with the idea that men and women are perfectly equal, that fundamental rights (access to education, to the labour market, individual freedoms etc…) are natural and evident. We always hear that our country Tunisia is a pioneering country in women’s rights, which is a...

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Handful of Dates

Experience Africa in Motion from home this June

26 May 2020

We may not be able to meet in the cinema at the moment, but Africa in Motion (AiM) Film Festival will continue to bring amazing cinema to our audiences in Scotland, and beyond – at home.

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Aim WEB facebook Bann2

AiM 2019: Meet The Curators

21 October 2019

This year, for the 14th edition of Africa in Motion Film Festival, we have taken a collaborative approach to the curation of our programme. This approach comes from a recognition that everyone views films differently and we have therefore endeavoured to create space for as many curatorial voices as possible.

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Photo 2 Battledream 05

Staff Pick: Stefanie Van de Peer, Curator

18 October 2019

Battledream Chronicle

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Staff Pick: Myriam Mouflih, Programme Coordinator

14 October 2019

I first saw Mostafa Derkaoui’s ‘De Quelques Evenments Sans Signification’ at Berlinale in February. People crowded into a small cinema to watch the film for the first time. The film had gained an almost mythical status and members of the Moroccan film and visual arts community (including AiM favourite Narjiss...

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Staff Pick: Fiona Halliday, Volunteer Coordinator

10 October 2019

I am most excited about the documentary Tchindas, which follows the life of Tchinda and her trans sisters as they prepare for a Carnival. Shot in Mindelo, the island of Sao Vicente, this documentary is a beautiful depiction of a trans inclusive community.

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Sound of Masks 3

AiM 2019: LIVE

7 October 2019

This year we have a host of unforgettable live events taking place across Edinburgh and Glasgow. From an Afrofuturist dance party to a restored classic with a brand new live score, get ready to experience film from Africa and diaspora like you never have before.

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A New Wave of South African Cinema at AiM 2018

25 October 2018

South African film scholar Lizelle Bisschoff reflects on the new wave of South African cinema on offer at AiM 2018

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SUPA MODO One Fine Day Films sumo 12

Staff Pick: Wacera Kamonji, Marketing Coordinator

25 October 2018

Supa Modo a Kenyan film by Likarion Wainaina, follows a young girl battling a terminal illness, who finds comfort and strength through a super hero alter ego she creates inspired by the action films that she has watched.

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25 October 2018

My staff pick for AiM 2018 is Djon Africa, a colourful film that follows Djon, a young endearing rebellious boy caught between the transitional period of teen-hood into adulthood. Djon is unexpectedly stopped in the streets of Lisbon, where he has spent most of his life, by a stranger who...

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An evening of reggae, reflection and Caribbean beats

23 October 2018

What an amazing phenomenon reggae is; a unique genre of music created in a small island that can now be heard in every corner of the globe. An evening of Jamaican culture in Edinburgh on Friday 2 November, curated by Lisa Williams of the Edinburgh Caribbean Association, celebrates that journey.

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volubilis photo baiser

STAFF PICK: Stefanie, North Africa Programme Co-ordinator

22 October 2018

AiM has always lived by a pan-African spirit, and includes films from North of the Sahara on its diverse programme every year. Among the recent crop of films by Morocco's star directors, Volubilis really stands out.

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Screen Shot 2018 07 02 at 16.16.29

STAFF PICK: Justine, Festival Producer

18 October 2018

This year marks the centenary of not one South African icon, but two. The legacy of Nelson Mandela is known all over the world, however this year we are also remembering the ‘mother of the nation’ – Albertina Sisulu.

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I Still HIde to Smoke

STAFF PICK: Myriam, Programme Assistant

16 October 2018

I found it so difficult to choose a staff pick as this year’s programme is jam packed with a huge array of amazing films. À mon âge, je me cache encore pour fumer (I Still Hide To Smoke) was one of the first films we selected to be included in...

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Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) announce new directorship

4 October 2018

We are delighted that one of our partner festivals, the Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF), have appointed new directors for their 22nd edition, influential South African film duo Faith Isiakpere as CEO, and Firdoze Bulbulia as Festival Director.

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Africa in Motion 2018 programme launch!

23 September 2018

Africa in Motion is Scotland’s major annual celebration of African cinema, and is delighted to return for the 13th year to bring audiences in Edinburgh and Glasgow a wide variety of creative stories from across the African continent.

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Tentative Thoughts on Metalepsis in Black by Finn Daniels-Yeomans

29 October 2017

Finn Daniels-Yeomans is sharing some tentative thoughts regarding Aryan Kaganof’s difficult yet vital documentary about Fallism in contemporary South Africa, Metalepsis in Black.

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STAFF PICK: KATIE, Marketing Volunteer

26 October 2017

This is my second year with Africa in Motion and in this short time I’ve already had the opportunity to experience some fantastic films from across Africa. I’m also a huge fan of horror and sci-fi films, so the film I’m most looking forward to at this year’s festival is...

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LarmCe du salut 1 Les Films de Pierre


24 October 2017

Tragically the festival is coming at the end of the month and we can picture you browsing the programme and thinking you will miss on the fun? Don't worry we thought of everything with 16 free events taking place in Glasgow next week!

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Staff Pick: Myriam, AiM Trainee

23 October 2017

My pick of the fest is the stunning debut feature of writer and filmmaker Abdellah Taïa. Set in Casablanca, L’Armée du Salut (Salvation Army) tells the story of a young gay Moroccan boy who is teased by his mother and sisters and idolises his older brother.

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Love Brewed in An African Pot Dine and View

Get your fill at AiM2017!

23 October 2017

Discover the diverse tastes of Africa this autumn at Africa in Motion!

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Staff Pick: Stefanie, Africa's Lost Classics Curator

17 October 2017

I have worked on and off in different positions for AiM since 2007. It was first established in 2006, so I only really missed one year of films. I have loved the festival with all my heart from the start.

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VS Jassie Compton

AiM 2017 Interview | An Interview with Justin Sihera, Producer

11 October 2017

Justin Sihera is the producer of Vanishing Sails and will be in attendance at the film's Edinburgh screening on Thursday 2 November

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Staff Pick: Manon, Marketing Coordinator

10 October 2017

I could not be prouder to work for a festival showing films such as Tess! It is a very brave film which highly deserves to be seen I can think of no better context than the Africa in Motion film festival to catch this little gem of a film.Tess is...

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Breaking Slavery Silence -The Transatlantic Slave Trade and its Effects by Ailsa Cole

9 October 2017

My history classes at school taught me about William Wallace and both World Wars, yet colonialism and empire were never discussed.

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AiM Opening night 22

AiM 2017 at Filmhouse Edinburgh!

5 October 2017

Bookings for Africa in Motion screenings at Filmhouse are now open!

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FELICITE 01andolfi

Welcome to AiM 2017!

23 September 2017

Africa in Motion is Scotland’s major annual celebration of African cinema, and is delighted to return for the 12th year to bring audiences in Edinburgh and Glasgow a wide variety of creative stories from across the African continent.

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