Women in African Cinema Podcast Series

This podcast series is based on the book Women in African Cinema: Beyond the Body Politics, by Lizelle Bisschoff and Stefanie Van de Peer (Routledge, 2019). Each podcast will be based on a different chapter of the book. We created this series to make the book more accessible to students, researchers and cinephiles, during this time of lockdown. 

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    3: Personal Stories, Public Histories: Women's Filmmaking in the DRC and South Africa

    In this edition, we talk about the role of women in filmmaking in the DRC and South Africa.

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    2b: Women in Francophone West African Cinema

    An outline of women's contributions to Francophone West African Cinema, by Lizelle Bisschoff

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    2a: Women in North African Cinema

    An outline of women's contributions to North African Cinema, by Stefanie Van de Peer.

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    1: Women in African Cinema: An Introduction

    During this introductory podcast, we introduce the book and its contents, talk about our backgrounds and what brought us to the topic of women in African cinema, and discuss our positionality in writing the book.

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